Getting started with Teedy

So after reading the features, being convinced by the open source nature of this solution, or checking out the demo, you are ready to create your Teedy account and using your own Teedy application.

First, head to the Sign Up page and create your account.

The “Sub-domain” field needs a little explanation. It will define where your application will be available after creating your account. For example, if you choose “mycoolcompany” as a Sub-domain, your application will be available at

After registering, you will directly access to your new account, and a message will inform you that you need to wait a bit for us to start your new app. You can check your inbox and confirm your email in the meantime.

After up to a few minutes, you will have a “Access to my trial” button. Click on it to access to your own personal Sismics Docs. You should arrive on the login page of your Teedy (with a beautiful Yellowstone background, customizable of course).

The default administrator account is admin as username and the password you chose just before to create your Teedy account.

What to do from here?

  • Create some users: Go to Settings > Users. Don’t forget that billing is done according to how many users you create. The default “guest” user is not charged.
  • Put your users in groups: Go to Settings > Groups. It’s always better to use groups even if you only put one person in it at the beginning. You never know if you want to reassign your employees to another service, or add new people after, and you definitely don’t want to adjust the permissions on each document all the time.
  • Create some tags in the “Tags” menu, for example, Finance, Accounting or HR. Tags can be seen as folders on your computer, but they are also more than that. You can assign precise permissions on each like “Only this group of users can access documents tagged with this specific tag”.
  • Create your first documents by either drag and drop files in the Quick upload and grouping them in documents after, or directly using the “Add a document” button. You can then give access to those documents by using the “Share” button for a one-time share, or by using the “permissions” tab available one each document.

When you will have a few documents, you can search among them by using the search bar on the left. It’s using a specific syntax to quickly search, but you can also use the classic search form by clicking on the magnifier button.

Stay tuned for more articles on specific features! The next article will be about the highly customizable workflow feature.

Sismics co-founder, Docs open-source developer

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