Backup important emails automatically with Teedy

A long requested feature just arrived on Teedy. You now have the ability to automatically import emails from your inbox to Teedy.

This article will guide you through setting up the automatic scanning.

First you will need an email account, preferably only used by Teedy, so not your personal account. You can create a Gmail account for example, it’s fast and easy.

After creating your account, you need to enable IMAP. On Gmail, click on the cog icon, then Settings.

Then head to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab, and tick the “Enable IMAP” checkbox.

Once you are done, head to your Teedy, connect as admin and navigate to Settings > Inbox scanning. Here you need to configure the inbox you just created to allow Teedy to scan it periodically for new emails. For Gmail, the settings are the following:

You can test the parameters to check the connection, and it’s done, as simple as this.

Now, every 15 minutes, Teedy will scan your inbox for unread emails, import them and mark them as read (to avoid duplicates). Backuping an important email is as easy as forwarding it to this newly created email address.

Imported emails can be identified with the “Source” field.

To assign rights automatically to those imported documents, you can also add a tag on them with the “Tag added to imported documents” option. Please see our previous article for more informations about permissions.

If you just need to import one specific email and you do not want to scan for your whole inbox, you can also import it as an EML file. Most email providers allow you to export an email as EML (on Gmail, click on the little arrow, then “Show original”).

Whatever option you choose, your emails will always be imported like this:

  • The subject of the email is used as the title of your document
  • The content is used as the description
  • All attached files are used as files in your document

As always with Teedy, all those features are also accessible through the REST API if you need to build your own importer.

In the future, more import and export options will be available, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific need.

Sismics co-founder, Docs open-source developer

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